Bank Holiday...

Good evening,

Just wanted to do a short post for a chat/ rant/ support…anyone else fed up caring this bank holiday weekend?
I struggle caring for my elderly Mum at the best of times, we never really got on, and as one of my sisters has covid I’ve been lumbered for most of the weekend. I feel I don’t have a life. It’s just assumed I will do it.
We do use a private care agency to help out, but they need 10 days notice to cover which is no use for emergencies.

Hope everyone is making the best of the long weekend xx

Hi Kathy,

I think Bank holidays, Christmas and Easter etc always feel tough as we don’t get time off.

Sending cyber support (((hugs))))


These can be the hardest loneliest days ,
It was a bit rainy here I got a few chores done.
Relax to the max when you can.
Warm wishes Ula

" Relax to the max." Good advice. I must remember that.

When I worked at a carers centre I found that the few days before the Bank Holiday were fairly quiet, but we got a lot of calls immediately afterwards because of family pressures, people taking health downturns, carers stressing because the bank holiday meant that a service was closed for the day, losing them a much-needed break.

I think we all struggle through the bank holidays one way or another. To be honest, I was a bad boy yesterday, and spent most of the day watching original Star Trek episodes. I just chucked some bits in the slow cooker and vegetated for the day. Thoroughly enjoyed it, too.

Hopefully that is a one-off for you and you have many more to enjoy. You have every right to be grumpy but I hope you have things to look forward to.

I was naughty with care bookings, I would book ahead for peak holidays and when things were clearer a week beforehand I cancelled what we didn’t need within the cancellation period.

Living on the coast I like being at home away from the silly season madness out there.

Bank holidays used to be great, my identical twin would come home and I would have respite and shared care combinations. But now the bank hols are a matter of coping with grief and adjusting rather than feelings of missing out on life out there. I have no desire because my twin won’t be there or won’t be with me to share or to tell her about it, grief is a process and has no logic.

I got a takeaway for tea last night and when clearing it away I was triggered in grief for my late twin as it was one of our faves and she should be here for bank holiday to share it.

Different experiences and outlooks.