Bad logistical community problems covid19

This self isolating ,the message given out is conflicting, mother who is being told to self isolate is 81 with renal failure and copd and has to go to dialysis to stay alive, she relies on a mixture of volunteers and local taxi firms to ferry her three times a week they are not health professionals, but do there best under the circumstances, they have very little PPE and training to protect themselves and the patient’s, they come into contact with, I hope and pray we can get through this, my sister, who has been away all week in this pandemic, in a public resort, comes home tonight and mother wants to see her, which is natural I suppose, I don’t know what to do for the best, my wife is also a nurse at a local hospital and my son, has recently come back from France, what should of happened, in an ideal world, the most vulnerable people, should of been kept in sterile conditions, but that isn’t going to happen, because it’s been run down by this government, they haven’t even got enough ventilators to help the vulnerable and Drs, will have to decide, who lives and who doesn’t, because of a lack of logistical management by this government, they were aware in January, I believe and have done nothing, the people have made decisions and government has followed, there lead in closing down large public venues, even now local community businesses are still trading ,because they understandably, they will have nothing to pay there way with, especially in the hospitality industry, because of the government indecision regarding social distancing a lot more people will inevitably pay the ultimate price and the result, will be even more stress on the NHS, mental health issues with family’s and community’s with bereavement issues, rant over.
Sorry, but I needed to get that of my ,Chest !

Here’s a good place to express our concerns and frustrations during this ever evolving unprecedented time.

I’m currently up in the Californian Sierra Nevada mountains watching the daily White House briefing! (And fingerpointing from the top!!!). I came over for 3 weeks to paint a couple of sheds ( a long story). Sheds got done just before snow storm. I finished shovelling out only to come indoors to see California was shut down and flight back officially canceled!!!I

OK, mini-rant over, for now! Take care.

I’ve never voted Conservative (and I never will), so I’m not an habitual supporter of this Government, but I think that they’ve has handled things better and a damn sight quicker than any previous lot in my (long) memory would have done.

People are making enough of a fuss now in late March about the various restrictions imposed on us all.

Can you imagine the outcry had they done the same thing back in January? :-???