Attendance Allowance

I’ve become a carer virtually overnight for my 95 year old mother. She’s now had 1 week of a carer coming first thing to get her up… She’s been allowed 6 weeks free before assessment re paying. I’m assuming that is standard practice. She doesn’t claim Attendance Allowance. However is there any point in making a claim now she is receiving care. If it were to be awarded, wouldn’t the local authority effectively just take it off her. Can’t see any point in filling in that 29 page claim form and providing evidence etc, if she is no better off at the end.

Attendance allowance isn’t mean tested.’t%20means,what%20other%20money%20you%20get.&text=It%20won’t%20affect%20your,you%20apply%20for%20Attendance%20Allowance.

As far as I am aware attendance allowance is only including if a person is living in a care home.

Age UK help with form filling and have lots of expertise.