Attendance allowance non payment

Can DWP: just stop paying AA to someone? Further to my post yesterday re non payment of carers i’ve just discov they have stopped paying aa to my mum without any warning. received nothing from them. no change of circumstances.

dwp will tell you nothing on the phone either

If your Mum manages her benefit claim, they’ll only talk to her about it, or to her appointee if she has one.

Is mum able to talk on the phone? If so, you could ring the AA unit on the phone, then she could speak to them to confirm her identity, say it’s OK to talk to you, then hand the phone to you then you can continue the call. Otherwise the only option is for you to write a letter and mum sign it. Then apply to be her Appointee in future, but that will take a few weeks. It’s so wrong cancelling a long term benefit with no warning at all. As the election is looming I don’t even think your MP can help as Parliament has been dissolved.

Unfortunately Mum has passed away recently - only found out about the aa not been paid on login in to bank account). The DWP did not know at this point.

When you register a death DWP automatically notified.