Applied for Carers Allowance what happens now?

I applied for Carers Allowance on the 12th of November and I do 7 hours a week in college they sent me a form to fill out and the college to fill to prove how many hours I’m there a week I sent that back off to Carers Allowance last week, ring them on Thursday and the woman said she would email it over to the person in charge of my claim but said I won’t get any money till after Christmas as it’s past the Monday pay day. They owe me a backdate but I can’t understand why she said I wouldn’t receive any of it until after Christmas when it’s only the 15th of December, will they pay before then as I need the money. What will happen?

Rosie - hi - as a general rule, expect everything to be SLOOOOOOOWWWWW.

Who is it you care for? Whoever it is, they should be at the very least offering you some '‘unofficial’ money for what you do for them!!!

That said, I appreciate the person you care for may be skint as well, sigh.

PS - Glad you are able to stay on in education, even if only part time. It’s SO essential for carers NOT to spend their entire days ‘consumed by care’. SOMEHOW one has to hang on to at least ‘a piece of one’s own life’…

All the very best to you.

You’ll usually find out after three weeks from the claim for Carer’s Allowance being received, which is immediately after you press the ‘submit’ button if applying online, but can be a few days depending on when they are posted. Claims for Carer’s Allowance can also be backdated for three months from when you apply.

The average waiting time to process applications for carer’s allowance claims is 21 weeks (as of 30 April). Meanwhile, the waiting times for processing disability allowance and invalidity pension claims are 10 and 12 weeks respectively.

Not much help but … just extracted from the Internet … CARERS ALLOWANCE WAITING TIME … worth exploring other links from that search ?

If anything , applying online is usually faster than submitting a form.

Rosie, I’m sorry we can’t be more positive on this subject, however did you know that if you are claiming CA you can also receive Income Support or similar WITHOUT being required to look for work?

If you give us a bit more information about your caree, just basic things like age and disability, benefits received, if any, we might be able to suggest other ways of improving income.
When, if ever, did Social Services do a Carers Assessment for you, and a Needs Assessment for your caree?

Online benefits calculator ?

Recommended … a benefits / allowances mot if you like … everything being claimed ???