Any advice please: Mum going into home -funding?

Hi all,

My mum has been living in supported accommodation for the last year but has declined so much, that social care have agreed that she should be cared for in a residential / nursing home.
They have told us the full amount they will pay and suggested a couple of homes that they recommend and presumably fall within that fee base. Having checked them out, they are both CQC rated ‘requires improvement’, with one of the reports detailing a resident being forced fed and the inspectors having to intervene.
Social care have told us if we want anywhere else (above that budget) then we (our family) will have top up the payments with our own money. There is no way we can afford the additional £800 per month between us - and I feel desperate.
I noticed someone had commented on a previous thread that social care shouldn’t ask us to contribute - is that right? Or, is that our only option for our beautiful mum other than to place her somewhere that ‘requires improvements’?

Feeling desperately sad for my mum as she would be devastated if she understood the situation she is in. Any advice would be gratefully received thanks :slight_smile: x[/color]

How much can mum do for herself?


what a nightmare, none of them would want their Mum placed in a care home that requires improvement. However its all about money.

In education, you can use a bad Ofsted report to argue against the school allocated to your child by the LA. I don’t know whether this sort of approach works in social care. However, Paying for permanent residential care | Paying for a care home | Age UK info says that the council must be able to identify at least one care home that can meet your Mum’s needs suitably for the amount they are quoting they are willing to pay. Since both homes are requires improvement - you may be able to build a case as to why they are not suitable to meet her needs but more expensive care home you have found is.


Hello, Denise. I’m so sorry to hear that. I also wonder how much will it cost for me to send my mom to home care. It’s sad but it’s for her own good.

Joana, are you in the UK?
Here, “home” care refers to people coming into the clients home to give them help in various waus.
“Residential” care is the term we use for a care home or nursing home.