Urgent Help Please

My Mum is now moving to an interim placement tomorrow for assessment however, it is one of the most expensive Nursing Homes (not Care Home) in the area. I know I cannot refuse but what happens after her free 4 week assessment? If they say she cannot return home and needs to remain in care, can I say her funds cannot support that home (she is self funding but even so the costs are too much)? I am requesting a Continuing Healthcare Assessment but the bar is high for full funding and know she will not meet it, although a case can be made for banded funding. What if Mum likes the Home? Can I still say no and request she is moved elsewhere more affordable? As it stands, worst case, Mum likes it, stays and will burn through her money and house in 2 years. My Dad, who is no longer with us, worked all his life for the house and I only want to protect what was his. I know what he would have wanted and it is not this. Please help. What can I do?

You mention “banded funding”. What is this exactly?

If Mum is not eligible for full funding then she may be eligble for NHS Nursing Care which is banded into standard and high needs. I think standard is £180 per week towards her care costs.