All time low even for DWP!

DWP accused of offering disabled people ‘take it or leave it’ benefits

Lower value ‘deals’ allegedly offered to vulnerable people appealing against decisions

Several charities and law firms said they were aware of more than 100 phone deal cases between them. They accused the DWP of targeting those deemed to have a strong chance of success at a tribunal over personal independence payments (Pip) and employment and support allowance (ESA). Claimants may be susceptible to accepting a lower offer because of long tribunal waits and having no income in the meantime.

The DWP said that if someone accepted an offer they could continue to pursue their appeal, and would have any award at a higher rate backdated to ensure they did not miss out. But lawyers and charity workers told the Guardian they were aware of many cases where claimants were not told of their right to continue with their appeal, and others where they were told of their right, but were either too vulnerable to understand or felt so worn down by the process that they simply accepted.

‘Like a poker game’: on the receiving end of a DWP cold call 'It was like a poker game': on the receiving end of a DWP cold call | Benefits | The Guardian

Why is it seems claimants are always contacted by phone. And no follow up letter stating the conversation contents.