advice please

my daughter has no capacity whatsoever.
she employs care staff with CHC funding, using a care agency. the care staff are excellent, but the team leader I have had problems with for some time. I suppose she does not like me and I do not like her. she criticizes my opinions about the care of my daughter, who cannot speak up for herself. she tells me that I should not go to see my daughter as often as I do. etc.etc.
I have had meetings with the care agency to discuss this matter. but they always appear to stick up for their team leader. I don’t want to change agencies as the actual carers know my daughter so well. after a stroke, and the prognosis the hospital gave us, we realise we could loose her any day, so need to see her frequently. it has become our routine to pop into see her (only 10mins away) for about an hour each morning.
do i have the right to insist that this lady no longer works for my daughter, or do i just live with it.

You didn’t say if you have power of attorney for your daughter.

I think you have every right to visit your daughter and that ought to be a non-issue for the carers, unless it directly seriously affects their ability to care for her whilst you are there.

It is very fortunate that the carers are excellent. From what you have said and going by my experience of overseeing the care visits for my mother, I would think very carefully before asking the team leader be changed for fear of getting another team with whom you’re not so happy. Could you visit when the team leader is unlikely to be present, or bite your tongue and agree to disagree with her? There aren’t too many people here that would give their carers such high marks.

Of course I’d complain persistently if the care that was given was substandard but this doesn’t seem to be the case here.

Hi Pamela,
I agree that having great care workers means you really want to hang on to them, as not everyone has the same quality care. Who does the team leader work for? Is she part of the agency that provides the care?

Does your visit coincide with the care workers/team leader visits? I agree you should to able to visit your daughter whenever she/you wants, but if she is receiving care when you go, it might be worth varying your visit time a little, so you can monitor her care on some visits but just have a social visit on other days.

Unfortunately us assertive Mums/ Dads/ carers can ruffle the feathers of team leaders/ managers and social workers as they aren’t always used to being challenged.


Hello Pamela
Sorry to hear you are having this problem with the team leader.
Have you asked her why she she feels you shouldn’t visit your daughter as and when you wish? If she comes back with its for your own well being, then the answer is that it would make you so stressed and ill not to visit when you see fit. Request that she refrains from the criticisms, as they are not beneficial to you or equally as important as your daughter. Perhaps see how it goes?

Hi Pamela
I’d actually increase my visits and pop in more often at very irregular times and always unannounced. Everything should be fine but this might highlight a lowering of standards that the team leader is trying to implement.

A good professional team leader should be working with families and actively encouraging their involvement

thank you all for your comments and advice.

I particularly like your last sentence Mrs Average ( I don’t believe your that). " A good professional team leader should be working with t families and actively encouraging their involvement."

I am sure I will find a use for that quote when I have my next meeting with care agency.