Advice for COPD

Can anyone recommend the best cleaning products that don’t aggravate COPD?

Also, does anyone know what kind of bedding, air purifiers, foods, anything really… That help with COPD?

I’m finding it hard to find things on a very limited budget that help the person I’m caring for. Thanks.

If your caree needs special products and equipment this should count as “Disability Related Expenditure” (DRE) and could be funded by Social Services.

I just wanted advice on things to get. I don’t have faith in anyone funding anything for me right now. My experience with anyone that’s supposed to help is non existent.

I can only make suggestions, it’s up to you whether to claim DRE or not.
The rules are clear though. If you have assessed needs (after a Needs Assessment) and you have to buy certain items which are disability related you may be able to reclaim the cost, depending on the financial situation of the disabled person.
You buy the goods, send in the receipt, and get refunded.

Perhaps you have already seen the British Lung Foundation pages on indoor air pollution Your home and your lungs | Asthma + Lung UK but I’ll post a link here in case it helps anyone else. They don’t recommend brands but do give hints on alternative ways to clean and what to avoid.