Adult social services

A social worker was supposed to be coming today but I got a phone call at lunchtime asking how they could help and that no one was coming I told them everything that was going on with my dad and she said there wasn’t anything they could do they don’t have people that do night duties as that’s when my dad is worse she said do you think your dad would hurt your granddaughter yes I think he would well you don’t know that do you and there’s nowhere we could put your dad as homes won’t accept someone who is up all night shouting and swearing she said call your doctors and see if they can help I actually managed to get through to the doctors after 3 hours of trying to be told by the receptionist that it didn’t warrant a doctors appointment by this time I was in tears and said just leave it I can’t believe you get to decide that anyway a doctor called this afternoon he didn’t know anything about an appointment with the memory clinic my dad hasn’t been referred so we’ve been waiting since may and no one has even bothered to refer him I just give up

Tracey you can request an urgent referral now the original one has been missed. You can tell the surgery that you will make a compliant. In the first instance a complaint has to go to the practice manager. I’ve made these before without any issue. And things will then fall very quickly in to place.

Is there anyone else family members, friends other professionals O/T’S etc. That can add to the information for the G.P, hospital etc. Start making some notes of things that have and are occurring.

Above details of how to compliant.

Insist on that referral. Threaten to involve your local newspaper as quite frankly this is ridiculous. This is the issue with social workers and specialists. Back in February this year I had a phone call from a doctor who was new to me since the regular one was away but also worked for the same department. New doctors are not recommended usually unless you have no other option. Can you pay to get access to your dad’s medical records or not? Request a copy on behalf of your dad. Call back tomorrow. Ask for whoever is in charge and say that you are making a complaint on his behalf.

Under the 2014 Care Act you have a RIGHT to a Carers Assessment. Have a look at your LA website, search for Adult Services Complaints and make your complaint.

I got a phone call from the doctor who saw my dad in September she did the referral on Tuesday she also got in touch with the mental health team they will be out to see him within 2 weeks one of the nurses called today and she’s flagged it urgent she spoke to one of their psychiatrist s who is concerned about his mental state and the fact that I’m doing this with no help so hopefully things will get better thank you for all your replies

That’s too long, especially when putting a child at risk.

Have you thought about making a Safeguarding referral to Social Services?

But her life could be in danger. Please make a safeguarding referral on her behalf to social services team pronto.

If he does start kicking off and you feel that the child is 'at risk, could you call the police? I know it is high risk but apparently they have been trained in dealing with this type of situation. This is the advice I have been given re my husband. I do agree two weeks is way too long. AT least if the police came out, it would push it further up the system?

The safe guarding was done yesterday my daughter has taken some time off work so my granddaughter won’t be here and my son has taken time off to stay with me till we sort something out

The mental health nurse just called they are coming on Monday to see my dad

Good, how do you feel about that?

My granddaughter comes first and I feel better now

If there is any chance at all of him being admitted, I suggest that you quietly get together a toiletry bag, change of clothing etc. with EVERYTHING marked clearly, even the toothpaste and toothbrush! A Sharpie marker pen will do for most things. Be kind to yourself this weekend.