Adult autism test

Hi, my son is having a four hour adult autism test soon. Has anyone experienced anything similar and knows what this entails?

How old is your son and who is doing the test.

For adults

The assessment team may: ask you to fill in a questionnaire about yourself and any problems you have. speak to someone who knew you as a child to find out about your childhood. read any reports from the GP about other health problems you may have.

Adult Autism Assessment
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I think they just ask you to fill in a questionnaire about yourself and any problems you have.

Interested in this. My daughter who has LD and is on the autistic spectrum was only diagnosed as an adult.

Her partner has never been tested or diagnosed but he is so like her. He dislikes social situations and can’t read signals. He wants to be liked or be friends with people but it never happens. Likewise with work he is always in and out of work because he doesn’t have the social skills to deal with any problems that arise and will just walk out when it gets too much. I wish he would get tested.

Let us know how you get on.

Following on this thread. My wife wants our child to undergo this kind of test, just want to know some other details. Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

hello Robert. My daughter was only diagnosed as an adult (about 34). however my niece’s son was diagnosed as autistic about 6 months ago. He is 9. His school were hopeless and did not help at all with getting him assessed.

My niece paid about £2,000 to get him seen and assessed privately and they are not big wage earners. She said it was worth it though because now he has a diagnosis and EHCP (I think that’s correct title) she has got him into a small independent school for autistic kids and the LA are footing the bill. She says the school really wasted 5 years by not supporting him. he starts his new school in Sept.

Hey Penny, may I know where your niece took this assessment worth £2,000? El Paso Tile Installation


Hello, Penny!

I look forward to the new school he will be attending in June. I have a brother who is also in the spectrum and I’m looking for a cheaper school that will accept him.


Interesting topic. Never heard of it before but learned a little more with what people posted in here. Thanks for all the info, my support goes out to all of you.

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Not sure but a local support group for SEN kids pointed her in the right direction. She had various appointments and loads of form filling and he had to see a psychologist who then had to write a full report. as far as I know the education authority would have eventually sorted it but they never got round to it and she was anxious to get him the right help as this is his last year at primary school and she knew he would never cope in a mainstream high school. He is loving his new school and the staff and other kids. he was always the odd one out at his old school.