I am a 60 year old Grandmother caring for my 9 year old Grandson. He has adhd with violent and swearing. He attacks me and my husband. Anyone who could give us any advice on how to handle him.

Hi Janet … welcome to an extremely quiet forum as I type.

A kinship carer ?

The following thread may contain some help and guidance to you in that role :

Others will be along to extend their welcomes and , hopefully , provide some guidance directly related to your problem.

Contact the National Autism Society for advice and help. Have you had a needs assessment yet or not? Why does he do that? Try distraction techniques to defuse the situation.

That sounds dreadful, especially before he has reached the hormonal teenager stage.
Are you his full time carers? Where are his parents?
Are Social Services helping you?
Does he receive Attendance Allowance?


Are Social Services helping you?

The KINSHIP carer card … covered in the KINSHIP CARER thread.

Kinship care ruling could cost councils dear - Community Care

**_Kinship care ruling could cost councils dear.

A ground-breaking case on kinship carer payments could leave local authorities with a huge bill, social care lawyer and Community Care contributor Ed Mitchell has warned._**


**_The High Court ruled that a 64-year-old grandmother who looks after her 15-year-old granddaughter should receive the same payments from Kent Council as foster parents would be entitled to.

The ruling increases the grandmother’s weekly payment to £164 from £63.

Social care lawyer Ed Mitchell said: “This case could have big financial implications. Local authorities have just let family carers get on with it and now the court has come down on them and said this is foster care and should be funded accordingly.”
If the Kent case sets a precedent, Mitchell said, it could also affect risk assessments.

“It will mean the obligations that are attached to a child who is fostered will kick in for these children who are looked after by family members,” he said.

Fostering organisations are pleased with the decision._**

Hi Janet,

You are very selfless, caring for him. He sounds a handful, you must be exhausted. Is he under CAHMS or the equivalent?
Is he attending school?

I don’t have experience of living with someone with ADHD, but my friend’s son has it and I have taught children with ADHD.

There is advice here:

If he is getting angry a lot, this website might be of use too: PARENTS & FAMILIES – LIVES IN THE BALANCE
Don’t be put off by Dr Greene, as his ideas are sound.