Accessing Private Pension B4 55 Advice

Hi All,
Myself and long term partner who I care for are both slightly under the 55 NMPA!
Although She was entitled to access her Private Pension due to ill health clause, I’m struggling to find any information regarding Carers having similar rights as a full time carer.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Best thing is ring the carers helpline and they should be able to help you.


Interesting question, which I cannot ever remember being raised before. I’d be very interested if you could share the answer with us in due course. Is your partner now claiming Personal Independence Payment, PIP?


As soon as I get any valuable info I will certainly share it…

Yes, my Common Law Wife is receiving PIP, it was not of the most swift or pleasant of processes that I have ever been tasked assisting with…:woozy_face:

I’ve been helping people claim benefits in various ways for over 50 years. In 2006 I was nearly killed in a car accident, virtually unable to walk until I had knee replacements about 5 years later. Everyone I had helped ended up with a successful claim, but not my own claim. The doctor who came to see me was a liar, he even wrote that I could walk from the supermarket disabled car park 2-300 YARDS away, when I told him it was right outside the shop, and even using a trolley as a walking aid I couldn’t get all the way round. I sorted it all out in the end, and told DWP this man wasn’t fit to ever do any assessments ever again, but the whole thing was so stressful, especially as my husband had died 3 months prior to the accident.


Hi @Lisa_Col I’m not aware of any carer provisions in pension law, so it would probably be down to the individual pension provider. The government website covers personal pensions and says very clearly that if you’re not sure if you can access your pension you need to talk to your pension provider. Most of them seem to have a helpline or email enquiries. You’ll need your pension details and NI number handy. And I’d jot down any questions you want to ask before calling - they have a habit of firing questions at you to make sure you’re who you say you are, and going through all that could distract you from asking all the questions you need answering.