A personal view of the UK from across the pond

I’m still self isolating on side of mountain in California. My travel company has been anything but expedient in rearranging my return flight! Just got back online after 3 days of tv, WiFi, phone outage, but now reconnected.

Please don’t think the US doesn’t have it’s problems, as I heckle each day during various daily briefings!

I am most disturbed by the frequent public service announcements on the radio brainwashing the public to “Protect the NHS” and seeding the notion that NHS is beyond reproach, whilst the vulnerable and those caring for them are losing whatever little protections they had. Intentionally!

What use is clapping from an opened window, apart from to distract from serving the needs and, up till recently, the rights of others with other serious conditions and those who care for them?

Isn’t it the time for some serious responses to my fellow forum contributors and some noticeable push-back from those nonprofits that claim to represent us?

Easter greetings to all.

Easter greetings R , from us poor inmates left stranded and isolated in various parts of the UK.

Yep , abandoned / exploited / isolated … no real change for many despite the lockdown ?

Support services now worth more than gold dust … and toilet rolls on many manors.

Recent moves to bail out many supporting charities … I assume not for salaries … nothing
for us … no change there , then ?

Clap for the NHS and paid care workers !

Pray for family / kinship carers ?

Just about right … carers care but … who cares for the carer ?

Michael, I just read Helen Walker’s well written “Blog”. It was informative. Thank you.

It was a pity your posting is locked. I would have thought you would be welcoming responses to this important statement. Or is Helen not interested?

I know it’s a total joke…at the carer’s expense. I went to a chip shop yesterday where they were offering 50% off to Nhs workers. £4.00 to Nhs workers for fish and chips and £8.00 to those on universal credits…where is the justice? It makes no sense…just to think a consultant who doesn’t work on the front line can get fish and chips half price is truly sickening…

The government is getting us so well trained to put the NHS on a pedestal. And that chip shop has drunk the Coolaid (American children’s squash).!

Hiya Rosemary, Yes they all have ‘sainthoods’…according to ‘brainwashing technics’…played regularly, loudly and clappingly…and we have the billboards up…Nhs heroes…all of them.
I walked out on my ‘training’ and I am absent without leave currently.

Hi Charm, don’t you get into trouble!

I’m just glad that not everyone is blindly accepting. If no one questions anything we’re told, then we’re all in trouble!

Rosemary, The good thing about isolation is reflection. More are realising this, as time goes by, and during this crisis.