A lone Carer of 2 Ninety year olds experience

Hello. I have cared for my elderly parents since I was in my 20s and now I am 52. I was an only child, with asthma and hyperhydrosis. The latter conditions mean I cannot swim, play sports, and profusely sweat from the face whenever I am in company, which is not often as I am teased or treated badly by people who find me repelling, especially ladies, even though when I am ok I am relatively good looking. Over the years the combination of these has limited my social contact. Caring for elderly and sick parents is what is normal to me. I am very lonely, and even in company am often found alone.

Anyway that is my carers experience. I lead a particularly awful and sad lonely existence. Always have done.

Hi John, welcome to the forum.
Do you have time for any hobbies at all? How much care do the parents need?

Hi John, Welcome to the forum. I am sorry to hear about your health problems. It saddens me to hear that people can be so unkind and uncaring towards you. On this site people are more understanding and sympathetic. I care for my elderly mum and I have my own health issues too.
It must be difficult for you caring for both of your elderly parents. Do you get any help from outside agencies?

You might find now you’re a bit older people are more mature and understanding and less cruel. Children are truly horrible to each other. Have you thought about counselling to explore how to approach things differently and “get yourself back out there” successfully. You obviously want to change things but don’t know how to go about it. A counsellor might be ideally placed to guide you as an individual through this. As you’ve said yourself you’re good looking and that’s not a bad place to start.

Hello John and welcome.
Many of us get into a low mood.
Here’s a link to a thread we compile of what might help

What things do you like to do, what would you like to more off given the opportunity?



Why don’t you join in our “Roll Call” section? Don’t worry because you don’t know us, because in “real life” none of us have met. Tell us a bit more about yourself, or where you live, or whatever you like. I’m a mad crazy widowed woman living in the New Forest with eldest son, two steam engines, some tractors and some Land Rovers. I used to ride a road racing motorbike when I lived in Australia (1973-6) and shipped two steam engines back to the UK. I’ve also supported ten different relatives when they needed me, just my son with learning difficulties left now.