A bit about me

Hi, my name is Sarah. I’m 29 from Northern Ireland and currently a full-time carer of my husband who has severe depression and anxiety. My husband suffered a mental breakdown on June 2017 and I have been his main support system since. I also care for his two sons who we have full custody of. I have been off sick from my job since October due to stress and basically being worn out. Any tips on how to keep calm and look after myself would be much appreciated as I feel as though I am up against a brick wall at the moment.
Many thanks

Hi Sarah and welcome to CUK

You are not the first carer such a query and nor I suspect will you be the last. There is a thread concentrating on things that chear people up , a collection of things members have found that work for them and have been put together here


Other areas like food and exercise have been covered in different threads. There is a search function under the quick links above.
Is there any area in particular you had in mind?