11 years and counting

Well when I was forced into being a carer 11 years ago I never imagined that I would still be struggling now,I gave so much up, especially my career, I genuinely thought that family and friends would step into the breech, in the first week of my carees medical episode, lots of friends and family came,but I realise now it was just to be nosy And to give false hope and promises, WHY oh WHY dI’d they do that?. I never wanted to be a carer, I never wanted to make decisions for us both, I never wanted to do personal care for anyone, but I do and I’m proud of that. You are all doing a magnificent thing, pat yourself on your back, WELL DONE ALL OF YOU.

And well done you!

I wasn’t a member here 11 years ago. Bet you’ve seen some changes. Any tips for us newer carers?