Your experiences of flu jabs

Had a flu jab, probably 40 years ago and had never been so ill in my life! Everyone at work had it and the Christmas do had to be cancelled because we were all ill! Never had it since. However, this year the surgery nurse came to do mum’s and did me too because I am caring for her. Three weeks ago and haven’t got flu yet, though every time I sniff I suspect the worst.

I’ve had flu really badly. Probably the only time I’ve had a GP home visit in 50 years of being at the practice. Had my jab recently, no pain, but I did feel rough the next day. My best mate said she felt rough afterwards too.

This year jap gave me and my husband. A red rash on our upper arms just below the injection area.

my Mum has been having the flu jabs since they first came out. She had hers the other day with no ill effects.

Hubby and I have been having them several years too and no side effects. My arm usually itches for a few hours, then it disappears.