Spotlight on flu jabs

Hello! I’m Jane and my role involves developing some of our information resources at Carers UK.

Over the next few days, as part of our ‘Forum Focus Fortnight’, I’m going to be highlighting some of our online resources in case you haven’t come across them before.

If you’re interested in getting a flu jab, there is some useful guidance here about how you’re entitled to a free one as a carer: Flu jabs | Carers UK

Thanks so much for your post, Jane

Members are welcome to ask Jane questions about the info she is posting or give feedback on the resources, she will be checking in every day during Forum Focus

Some local pharmacies are better informed on carers right to a free flu jab. Some surgeries still are late is allowing carers access to their flu jab. I had my flu jab at my local chemist three weeks before my G.P. offered it to me. The flu vaccination can take several weeks. For antibodies to develop in the body and provide protection against influenza virus infection.

Thanks @sunnydisposition for highlighting that - a good point!