Wife having surgery

I am so happy and feel so relaxed at last. My wife has finally got the appointment to get the tumour removed from her leg. The hospital has changed 3 times this year and its been a nightmare.

I called up the hospital to confirm her appointment for Thursday 22nd November and they were so helpful.

I explained that she is autistic with SPD, touch issues and huge issues with hospitals in general.

They have made arrangements to see her before her appointment to use numbing cream to prep for injections, are letting me stay with her, arranged for her to wear shorts an vest top under her gown, and are even letting me scrub up and sit with her during the procedure.

I have never felt so understood and accounted for! These little changed and moments of care and going to make a horrible day so much easier for me and my wife :slight_smile:

That’s great - so glad. Shows that when the NHS gets it right, it definitely gets it right!

When my MIL with deep dementia needed a small lump removed from under her eye, the hospital were great. It was a small eye unit, and she didn’t have to undress, and I was allowed to walk in with her to theatre, and hold her hand while she was put under general anaesthic (fascinated to see it). They were wonderful and I was really appreciative.

Hope all goes well with you and your wife. Don’t faint when the scalpel gets to work!!!

Lovely to hear such a positive story from the NHS, you both. so pleased they are working with you and not against- hope it all goes well for