Who cares? My first attempt at poetry

Who cares?

I do.

The fight, the battle, the continual efforts,
To get the best for the one I care,
Tired, frustrated, annoyed and broken,
The feelings I have of despair.

I care, but does anyone else?

OK, so I am not a poet, but I tried putting my feelings about the continual fight I am having to try and improve standards amongst care agencies. I have just had a very bad experience with two companies which we have been farmed off to in the last six months.

Feel free to share your experiences, in a joined up drive to improve domicilliary care standards for the ones we love and care for.

sorry you are having such difficulties with care agencies. There are good ones out there, but they usually charge more. With such a shortage of paid care, unscrupulous ones set up, charge less and are employed by social care. In turn, the agencies can select who they want to care for.

Carers UK have a poetry competition each year, why not have a go.