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Coronavirus lockdown : how do the new measures affect carers ?

Everyone in the UK must stay at home to help fight the coronavirus spread.

But what do these emergency measures mean for family carers ?

Coronavirus lockdown: how do the new measures affect carers? - Which? News

Fairly limited but pleasing to find an external source aimed at us.

Treat this guidance in conjunction with that published by Carers UK elsewhere on this site.

Once again, it’s more important than ever for carers to have contingency planning.
How manyof us have friends or neighbours able to help a loved one in a crisis?

Surely, Social Services are the ones who should have contingency planning in place??

In many areas , the mutual aid groups are stepping into the breach now created by the void in getting support
to ANYONE who needs it … rather than the few on the radar of the LAs.

Leave it to central Government or the local authorities ?

Not on that now infamous list of " Vulnerable " citizens … 1.5 million odd … out of a potential 10 million+ ???

A recipe for disaster ?

There will be plenty of work for social Service. When there are no carers left able to provide care anymore.

Social services told me they had no specific emergency plans when I asked them!