What exactly are the CQC for it not to regulate all 'services'?

I’m in the process of reporting the myriad of failures of the care agency to the CQC, and have been realibly informed that Adult Care Services should also be factored in as part of the investigations with them commissioning said services;


But when I have mentioned this in phone converations with the CQC, they deny it.

So what are the CQC for then?

I can think of numerous occasions when I’ve asked myself precisely that question, @butterfly68


To lie and pretend everything is “good” when this is not the case at all. Sometimes I’m not sure what they’re doing. Either they are rushed or something is clearly amiss.

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It’s like the problem we had with the HCPC - allegedly there to Regulate Professions but they only policed those registered with them and not those who didnt bother and thus broke the law. A great idea but failed in practice