What counts as childcare for CA allowable reductions?

Hi all

I’m trying to gain part time employment but finding it difficult as most jobs are paying above minimum wage, or too many hours, so its taking me over the earnings threshold.

Im wondering what they consider to be childcare costs, I pay £40 and £19.50pm for 2 different after school clubs, but these are extra curricular activities, not ofsted registered, but I do leave them there on their own. I was wondering if this might qualify to reduce my earnings? And would they then reduce my earnings by the full 59.50 per month, or do they take a percentage off as in pension earnings where they only take off half?

I read that the care does not need to be registered, but cannot be a close relative, so it does not seem as strict as child care element of tax credits.

Could anyone clarify for me please? I just want to get back to work but it’s so difficult to figure this stuff out.


If you email the Carers uk helpline ,they should be able to advise you