New Van (well new to us)

I was really fed up that my wife who is in a motorised wheelchair, could never properly see out of any of the cars vans we have used when going out for a day trip, or even just to the shops. I realised how important this was after trying to find a car/van in one of the big shows in England. I decided that it was time to look for a van that would give my wife the view she needed, so that going out for a drive was as interesting for her, as it is for other people. I bought a Renault Trafic sport LWB with windows all round. My wife sits near the front, next to a passenger seat just behind the front seats and has a brilliant view all around. After going out a few times, she said that she felt much better than she had ever done when travelling, as she felt part of the journey and not part of the luggage. It was surprising to find out that the insurance and fuel costs were very good indeed and better than i had thought originally. Just thought I would pass this info on to others who may be looking for something like like we were.

Hi Phillip

That looks perfect and I am sure it will be helpful to others. Why don’t car manufacturers think of things like this? There must be many people all in the same boat.

Hi Henrietta

Yes, that’s one area that is not thought out well and not everyone can afford the up front versions and some don’t even fit, as the motorized wheelchairs are to big to fit in. I had to save hard and do without some things to afford this van, but it is worth it to give the pleasure it delivers.

Thanks for your reply and I hope things are ok with you.


If you go to one of the Motability roadshows, you can try a lot of WAVS, wheelchair accesable vehicles as they are called.
My friend tried a variety, some have lowered floors, some have higher roofs so you might be too low in one and alright in another.

She found one just perfect for her.

I am pleased you found a good one for you. The problem we had, was the size of the motorised wheelchair, as my wife has M.S. and cannot move, just one arm. She cant use a normal wheelchair and has a fitted bodice on the back of the motorised chair to keep her upright.


This has always concerned me too as my partner is quite tall. He’s just happy to be going out and usually falls asleep in a car but he’s getting to and from places not just going out for a drive. The view’s much better from the train as is the height and legroom. It would be nice if we could go on the open top bus tour but wheelchair spaces are downstairs and, more importantly, backward facing.

Hi NHShater

Its a shame that the bus companies and car producers don’t think a little more about people with difficulties walking.