Waterproof pillows

My son has autism, challenging behaviour and severe learning disables. We visited yesterday ( different time to normal visit) and noticed that he didnt have a pillow or duvet on his bed. When I queried this I was told that he didnt have them because he soaks them in his shower. Apparently they have tried waterproof pillows but when he bites them they are no longer waterproof and ‘very expensive’ I am more than happy to provide suitable pillows but just wondered if anyone has any suggestions.

I would suggest a complaint both to the care home or wherever he is staying and the CQC and then start looking for somewhere better. This is not acceptable and probably indicates a lot more going wrong under the surface.

Why does he “soak them in his shower”?!
I would seriously consider a secret camera to find out what is going on here. Definitely speak to CQC, I’m sure that I have read that sometimes they put secret cameras in themselves.
Have you checked the CQC rating - not that they can always be believed, however if it already has a “needs improvement” score it tells you a lot.
Who runs this establishment?

He has been at the home for several years. It has an excellent CQC rating and is very highly regarded for providing care for people with autism and challenging behaviour. I fear that if he is asked to leave he will be placed in an assessment unit.

I was not suggesting that he leaves, just that if there are staff who are not behaving properly they need to be found out and sacked.
I have met two parents with autistic adult children who were permanently traumatised by experiences they had in residential care. One parent got the home, almost brand new, closed down.
Getting rid of the rotten staff is a much better solution, but you need evidence, which a covert camera would perhaps give you. Just because somewhere has a good CQC rating doesn’t mean it’s good!

Hi Daisy,
I don’t have experience of water proof bedding, except the use of water proof covers. I googled it and was surprised at what is available, however I would recommend contacting the companies direct to check the bedding would stay dry in the shower so you don’t waste money on something that is only dribble/ urine leak / wipe down proof.

Is this a new behaviour that your son is displaying? If so, I think it would be worth trying to get to the bottom of why it is happening? Is he left alone too long and bored or is he soiling his bedding and trying to wash it? How often has he done it?

Is this the same home that he was in when he was taken to the epilepsy appointment without you?


Have you ever tried husband pillows? wanna hear your opinion

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