Washing powder to improve clothes smell

Hi all, hope everyone is well. I need to sneak some extra/stronger detergent in my Mum’s washing machine as the one pod she uses is NOT doing the job…! Her clothes still smell. She doesn’t use the detergent drawer so she won’t notice. I’ve had conversations about ‘smell’ before and I simply can’t face it again at the moment. What do people recommend - bio powder tablets would have been good but they are discontinued. I have some bio liquid but won’t that just disappear into the pipes - I have no idea when she does her wash - I’ll just pop it in when I visit (weekly). I know it’s sneaky but I have other battles to fight atm. I’ve already asked the carers to check she is showering properly. x

Perhaps you can take a look online in order to find a product that works. Try www.completecareshop.co.uk.

When my husband was in the assessment centre, I used to be handed his clothing sometimes not sluiced! I used the detox laundry cleanser which helped. I don’t know how you can sneak it in her laundry as it’s liquid. Unless you ask her to use it as it will stop the washing machine smelling?
** I use it in my towels and bedding wash too. I used to be the old school feeling I should wash these on a hot wash. Now especially because of energy crisis, I’ve lowered the temperature. It’s often on offer in various places or own brands are good.

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I agree with Pet66 - the best thing I have found is Dettol Laundry Cleanser - or one of the much cheaper own label brands - Wizz do one at half the price and it is almost exactly the same. It has a nice fresh fragrance not 'clinical.

We used to use it at our clinic when we were working. That way we saved on power as it works at 30 degrees - so no boiling of towels was needed.

When my Dad moved in with us he insisted he would do his own laundry and as he had his own washer, we brought that for him. Unfortunately the illuminated display showed NOT the temperature but the length of time the wash would take. When he saw 40 - he assumed it was a 40 degree wash… His clothes started to smell so when my sister in law took him to church on a Sunday morning we would grab his shirts and underwear and rush it through a quick wash, dry it and iron it so he didn’t know. It saved a LOT of uncomfortable olfactory moments!! I used to have to sneak his suit trousers out to the dry cleaners as he had ‘old mans problems’.

If you do use the Laundry Cleanser the recommendation is to put it in the Fabric Conditioner section of the drawer as it is taken into the last rinse and therefore stays on the clothes to protect longer.

We use it all the time and have never had an issue even though G has leakage. It’s great on ‘damp’ bedding too.

Hope this helps.



I used the Dettol liquid with mum’s clothes when she was very ill, and her catheter would leak at times. I always rinsed with the cold water cycle before I actually washed.


My first and best thought was the Dettol liquid - Sainsbury’s do a cheaper version that works just as well.


Apart from a specific detergent my firs thought was does the washing machine need cleaning ? Most machines now have a setting for thoroughly cleaning the machine (no clothes in the drum) and recommend it’s done very 40 washes or so. You can do it with or without a special detergent sold for just the purpose.


Yes Susie
Mine clicks on a light to tell me it needs cleaning. It takes a while but I always use the setting. I think the smell can be a build up of detergent even though we probably don’t use too much.


thank you - great advice, Had to smile a bit at the thought of sneaking clothes into washing machine and to dry cleaners. The things we do…!!!

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excellent advice - it’s on the shopping list!! Good ruse to say as a washing machine cleanser - I can just say I can smell a musty smell… (if only I could…)

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thank you - great advice!

will do - need to do mine as well tbh so will be good excuse

And, be sneaky if you have to! Nothing wrong with that.