Wales' unpaid carers to get £500 recognition payment

Just read in the news paper
Wales’ unpaid carers to get £500 recognition payment.
How does this work? im a full time carer for my mother .
I get carers allowance/universal credit
Will anything be deducted from universal credit
Thanks sue

The report I read said that anyone getting Carers Allowance on 31 March will automatically get the payment.

I have an underlying award of Carers Allowance but don’t actually get it due to other benefits so I’m guessing I won’t actually get the £500.

So does Scotland’s%20Allowance%20Supplement%20is%20an,and%20Monday%2010%20October%202022.

Because I’m also claiming universal credit and its means tested would i be able to claim this?

Interesting, and makes it very hard for the UK Government to defend not having a similar payment to people in England and Northern Ireland.

That would be my question as well. As benefits are administered by the U.K. government the Welsh Government can’t stop them using this payment to change other benefits. When social care staff etc were given a one off payment the U.K. government taxed it even though the Welsh Government didn’t want them to.

My reading of this payment is that it will be made automatically to everyone who gets Carers Allowance. You don’t need to claim. I just hope it doesn’t result in other benefits being affected, but I don’t know yet.

As I said earlier, I don’t actually receive a payment for my Carers Allowance award so I’m not expecting this £500. If I do, I’m pretty sure it will be clawed back elsewhere in my case.

says this online
Unpaid carers will be able to submit their claim to local authorities later this year. Further details on how and when to register for the payment will be available shortly.

Thanks. Yes, I’ve just seen a post on Twitter by the Welsh Government that carers will need to apply to their local council from May.