Urine Leg Bag Sizes

Just a quick question about leg bags and their size. I have suddenly found myself with a leg bag and I am off skiing shortly.
I am trying to find a 350ml leg bag that I can wear on my thigh - top/slightly inner - and is fairly short. As I telemark skier, I wear a knee guard and the outlet tap mustn’t interfere with the knee guard.
So, I am just after the lengths of various 350ml bags that are available in UK. Just the body of the bag.
I know that the Coloplast Simpla 350ml is 25.5 cm, which is too long.
So would be very grateful if anyone has information on other bags available.

Consult your incontinrnce nurse. go via gp if you dont have one.

I would have known this a few years ago but now forgotten. I suppose you have looked at the Coloplast website?

I would ask at your doctor’s surgery. I know my Husband can get 350ml x 10cm supplied. On the leg bag he uses it says what sizes are available.

This company do a good choice of leg bags. Their 350ml bags are either short tube (5cm tubing at the top of the bag), or direct inlet (no tubing - the connector to be pushed into the catheter is right on top of the bag with no tubing inbetween). Vyne | Prescriptions, Shop, Medical Devices & Support Perhaps for future skiing trips the direct inlet one would work when secured on the thigh, as the bottom tap would possibly be high enough to not interfere with knee protection etc.