Upset mum

Hi all, I am new here. My elderly mum has lived with us for a couple of years and is more forgetful. She knows this and it is upsetting her. She forgets she has eaten and gets a second meal etc, then is upset when I tell her. I in turn get upset. Not sure how to handle things really.

Hi Lynn

It is upsetting for you both, it is a worry for you both.
You have started handling things by posting in here, your first step.

There will be others with more knowledge and experience with advice here.

How old is mum?
Have you spoken to her GP?
Mum may be entitled to Attendance Allowance now.

Hi Lynn. Welcome!

Do you have any smaller plates that you can use for Mum’s meals, so that she has a smaller meal? That way, if she forgets she’s eaten, you won’t need to correct her. And she’s not going to overeat or get uncomfortable and think she’s hungry when it’s the opposite. Less upsetting all around.