Update on A, J and M

A is still spending all her time at home, but does say she’d like to get out, even if it’s just for a drive. The Community Navigator for our area has referred her to a Women’s Befriending service. This would probably just be in the form of a telephone call, but might be helpful. She does have ongoing health issues but hasn’t been seen by a doctor for a long time. Her hair is still in a bad way and she doesn’t want to get it cut or let me help her with it - I don’t really have the time anyway, since hubby had his stroke.

J was shielding during lockdown, but goes out with me to Tescos or Asda when I’m going. He has also recently restarted his work experience - an hour and a half on a Tuesday morning. He hasn’t started back at his social enterprise place - he’s not sure he likes the different scenario there with the changes due to Covid 19. He has no social activities in his week/month - these stopped some time ago, due to lack of funding. The Community Navigator promised to look into possible social, Asperger friendly activities.

Ideally, A and J should be in a place of their own, but A’s anxiety, depression and other problems have put a stop to that for now. I’m also glad, in a way to have them at home - they have been a great emotional support when hubby has been very difficult and J has been a great help in walking the dog. A doesn’t walk the dog but does give her a lot of attention and love.

M continues to have problems at work. He has a few days off next week - they actually let him take time off without going away somewhere -but has been told that if there is a lockdown he’ll have to come in to work and that if he does he’ll get paid extra. He doesn’t know if he’ll be allowed to take the days at another time. The AGM of his basketball club was on last night. The head coach was saying that they’ll be working on the athletes’ emotional wellbeing before they do any training, just having fun together.


HI Gilli,
sounds like you have a lot going on.

Glad A and J are helping with the dog etc

I hope A gets a supporter, J some social opportunities too and M a few days off. M should be entitled to days off regardless of what he does on those days. How many days off does he get per year? How many has he got left?

S is desperate for his clubs to start again. He has begun going out fortnightly with a friend of ours in the evening and learnt today he has been offered a ‘slot’ at Special Olympics training this weekend - the first time they have opened since Lockdown. Still no news on his Friday evening autism club though. He is attending his college day service - but it is a reduced service with no transport at the moment.