Unwell carer do I claim for myself?

Hia all. My little boy now 10 has been diagnosed with ASD with anxiety spd and I have been an official carer for a year now for him, as I was reluctant to claim any benefits as I didn’t think we needed them but when I had to give up work to stay at home to “be there” etc etc I claimed dla and carers allowance on his behalf so… Here’s the speal … I’m unwell myself I have Crohn’s severe endometriosis, and neuromuscular condition which has been progressing and is yet to be diagnosed as awaiting to see specialists etc I can’t go anywhere on my own on a bad day which is often I have to have help monouvering etc getting dressed reminded to eat etc, but can I have some light shed… We as parents still care for our children (my daughter is also suspected to have an underlying condition we have just been told she is being monitored) but my family are saying that because I don’t have any source of income due to being so unwell for so long I should look at claiming pip? My mother in law helps me on a daily basis as she lives next door and is a pensioners etc my husband works I just want to know am I entitled to claim for my own disabilities? (Still getting my head around it all tbh) IV been unwell since 2016 if that helps. I’m 31 and have 2 children and have only just given up working x advice would be great :blush::blush:

Hi Sheena.


No problem launching a claim … a minority of family / kinship carers are also disabled themselves.

In turn , if anyone is caring for you … once PIP / DLA kicks in … and the right flavour … Carers Allowance may be payable to them.

What outside support is everyone getting ?

A guide to care services … what is available … and who provides them :


Make contact with your local carers group.

Contact Social Services for a carers assessment. You do not need to be getting carers allowance to apply for a carers assessment.