Unpaid family carer insurance

Unpaid family carer insurance. CCG is advising the family that unpaid family carers can’t work in tandem with paid carers because of insurance issues. I’ve been looking at trying to get some sort of private indemnity insurance. Anyone got any ideas - I’ve trawled the web with no success. Thank you

My wife has a paid carer on four mornings a week and because she needs hoisting I am designated as the second carer, (the paid carers aren’t allowed to hoist her alone - although of course it’s perfectly alright for me to do that for the 165 hours a week that I’m the sole carer).

No mention has ever been made of insurance.

What are you supposed to be insuring yourself against?

If the CCG says this, ask them to either tell you which companies meet their requirements, or arrange a second carer! Apparently by the autumn CCG’s are going to disappear anyhow as part of government changes, so soon the staff will be concentrating on other priorities!!!