Unpaid carers...The forgotten, invisible people

Hello, I am an unpaid carer for my husband, he has had MND for 10yrs now. I am sick of governments, authorities and voluntary groups ignoring the plight of unpaid carers. Lets face it life was difficult enough before covid.

I want to know why unpaid care is never mentioned on news reports etc. ARE WE INVISIBLE?

1 year ago we had 81hrs paid care a week, now we have 25hrs a week. We have a budget for 81hrs, our needs assessed as needing 81hrs a week but to protect paid care we have now only 25hrs.
My husband and I are under the age of 65, so no vaccine coming soon for us. Caring for someone who can do nothing for themselves i.e No mobility No verbal communication etc is extremely physically and mentally exhausting. In a week my working hrs are now 143hrs wk because my husband needs 24hr care. I will, as many other unpaid carers will continue to care for my husband until I drop because like many we don’t have a light at the end of our tunnel.

I have made it my mission to find out Who is fighting in the unpaid carers corner. So far the results have been extremely disappointing.

Katrina, is your care arranged by Social Services, or NHS Continuing Healthcare?
Have you asked your local hospice if they can support you?

What are you husbands disabilities the vaccine isn’t just aged related.