They want to move him from his care home

My dad has been in his current care home for 9 years. He is only 60 but has quite a specific form of dementia which impacts his short term memory; he will not remember I am there if I visit the toilet and come back for example. He also has quite limiting mobility; he shuffles with a frame but struggles to coordinate his movements. He can walk a few feet with difficulty and becomes very breathless.
The social services came out recently to do an annual review (the first ‘annual’ review he has had in 9 years) and have recommended he be moved to ‘very sheltered housing’. This is despite dad, myself and the home being happy that his needs are being met. I don’t understand why they are suggesting things change especially as he is settled where he is.
I wondered if anyone else has been in a similar situation and what happened? Can they make him move? I am really worried…

It would be interesting to see if a sheltered housing scheme. Would except your dad given his current difficulties. It is cheaper for the Local Authority and is it a scheme they own. They may have an client waiting for a place where you dad is now. So they are looking at properly relocating cases due to funding.

Talk to …

Also you could make a compliant given his reviews have been missed.

Basically, SS CAN DO ALMOST anything if left to get away with it.