The reality of direct payments and state "help"

Please excuse me for posting another of Mark Nearys thought provoking blogs about caring for his learning disabled adult son.
This one is called “Just a job”
His sentiments in here resonate with all balancing caring for a loved one with in the confines of state “help”

Direct Payments ?

( Spawned in an Act of Parliament in 1996 : Community Care ( Direct Payments ) Act. )

Sold as the gateway for individuals to buy in the care they need … the freedom of choice.

In reality , the System absolving itself of supporting individuals in need … placing the resonsibility to organise care on the
individual … as Mark clearly describes in his blog.

Either you have the monies to buy in care beyond the meagre rations … as DPs now tend to be …or … go without.

The sooner Social Care is recombined with it’s ugly twin sister … the NHS … and funded both through general taxation as the
NHS is now , the better … although it will take time to bed down. ( Green Paper thread. )

I’ve just had an email from my MP. Apparently Social Services are having a meeting about me this week.
Shame I haven’t been told by them, or been invited?!

Shame? Its downright shameful!!

The LA was very keen for mum tto accept direct payments when I complained. We insisted the LA arrange the care and mum reimbursed them at the LA rate. Way too much hastle to employ your own carer!