Test & Trace Payment HELP!


I’m currently isolating as my DD has Covid, because of this I am also missing work and losing income as a result. I was looking at the Test & Trace £500 Payment the government has put in place, but nobody seems to know (Carers Allowance included), if this is means tested? Will I lose my months carers allowance because I will be over the earnings threshold, or is it in not included as income? If im not entitled to the £500 payment, I will be losing 2 weeks worth of money which I just cannot afford to do!

Can anyone advise? There is no information online and anyone i’ve spoken to just doesn’t know the answer!


Hi Jess,

Only people on a low income/ certain benefits vacancies can claim the £500 so it sounds as if it’s means tested.

As the £500 is more than you are able to earn whilst working and claiming Carers Allowance, then I suspect it will affect your Carers Allowance - however I recommend you contact the helpline for advice

Our telephone Helpline is available on 0808 808 7777 from Monday to Friday, 9am – 6pm or you can contact us by email (> advice@carersuk.org> )



Thank you for your quick response!
Yes I am on a low income and am entitled to the payment 100%, there is just no clear evidence anywhere to suggest if Carers Allowance is affected or not. I did call the helpline who are great but also didn’t know the answer. It would seem from your response that I am now going to be down around £200 for the month, i’m not sure how this is considered fair? :S

Hi Jess,
I totally agree it’s not fair, if that’s the case.


I’ve just re-checked the criteria regarding Carers Allowance and it does specify “earned” income - i.e. wages from paid employment. I would have thought that a test and trace payment shouldn’t count - in the same way that any other unearned income doesn’t count when claiming CA: for example a lottery win or an inheritance.

Hi Susie

Thank you for your response and advice!
I am hoping you are correct, I will quote that back to the Carers Allowance Unit tomorrow when they get in touch with me! So I will wait to hear from them and will report back here, it might help others in the same situation!

Otherwise I’m not sure what else can be done!