Tenancy agreements and carers

I am a carer for my brother who is moving into private accommodation. I will continue to live as a tenant in social housing where I am claiming Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit.

The landlord says I need to be named on my brother’s tenancy agreement as a carer even though I will only be there part of the time when I am needed. Is the landlord correct?

If I am named in his tenancy agreement does this affect my social housing tenancy and therefore my benefits?

I do need to apply for Housing and Council Tax Benefit for my brother and claim for an extra bedroom for when I need to stay there. I am concerned that this may cause a problem. Any ideas?

Hi Daniel.

One for Shelter to give a definitive answer :


They are the acknowledged experts when it comes to housing issues … both social and b.t.l.

Thanks Chris

I will try Shelter

Your welcome.

My alarm bells are ringing. If your brother needs “sleep in” care, why is that not being arranged by Social Services?
How old is your brother?
What is wrong with him?

No need for alarm bells.The whole point of my brother moving to a private landlord is to be close to more family members that include 2 nurses, an ex GP and 2 newly qualified doctors, while I still remain the main carer. He will be well catered for.

My problem relates purely to the tenancy agreement.

Gosh, that’s some family.
So many people come here not knowing what they are entitled to, that I just wanted to make sure everything was OK.

Bells silenced!!

Ignoring the carer element here , if you were to join your brother on the tenancy agreement , you would
most likely become jointly and severally liable.

No real worry when things are going well but … when they are not ?

Still , that aspect is for Shelter to advise on.

I understand where you are coming from and it is true a lot of people need to know more about the help that is available so keep those alarm bells ready!

Unfortunately I also have multiple health problems and his moving takes some of the burden off me and hopefully gives both of us a better quality of life.