Suspect neglect

Hi all bit of advice needed I went from school and started care work at 17 after few years stopped to bring up my kids and came back couple months ago now I have service user who has quite bad dementia we have recently found her in bath she went to hospital shes had falls etc but still living alone she stays across from me I have lived here 4 years and not often I see any family in her home I’m sorry but to me is this not from of neglect this lady should not be living alone especially given the incidents already happened but my company have not said to social work etc but to me its neglect?

Unfortunatly this happens all the time, elderly people on their own with limited care.

I hear about it all the time, incidents happening.

The alternative is sheltered housing/care home but maybe the lady doesn’t want to leave their home and move.

You can report it to the local safeguarding board and see what they say.

Yes right thanks for the reply ! :slight_smile:

You are right she should not be left alone, explore all the options before you make a decision. I wish you good luck and all the best.

Came here through Google. You are absolutely right dear.

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