So little help available

My 28 year old son had a really bad melt down yesterday. Sobbing saying he cannot go on like this anymore. He wants to go to sleep and never wake up. He has suffered from mental illness since he was 14, diagnosed with BPD & Psychosis. He stays in his room all day with little interaction with anyone else apart from me. Our GP has referred him to GPImhs and he has an telephone appointment scheduled for 22nd Jan (earliest slot available). In desperation I called The Crisis Line, they asked my son lots of questions which resulted in him throwing the phone across the room. After getting my son’s permission they finely allowed me to speak on his behalf. I explained I was concerned about his welfare and he really needed help now. I was told due to COVID emergency home visits were no longer available and my only option was to drop him off at an A&E, but I could not go in with him due to COVID. I explained there is no way my son would sit in A&E on his own, he can barely leave his room. I also contacted my GP surgery and they said they would try to get my GP to call me, but I am still waiting. There must be so many people really struggling at the moment even the so called Crisis Line is useless.

There is extra help available due to Covid in most areas.
Whereabouts are you in the country?

We have in Yorkshire, mental health lines you can chat with someone confidentially and they may be able to signpost to further sources of help.
Talking to someone might help.

You are right it is ridiculous to expect someone upset and distressed to sit in A&E for hours on their own.

Keep phoning up the GP, the GP in conjunction with Mental Health Services should be managing yours sons issues instead of just leaving him with no help.
Try contacting PALS Patient Liaison, All Hospitals/Mental Health trusts have to have a PALS to help with issues.