SMART Meters - Yes or No?

My Carers UK news sheet today included a link for installing Smart Meters in my or my relative’s home. This particular subject is of considerable concern to me, having read up on the many negative side effects installing such a device can cause. I am not a conspiracy theorists but with a worldwide panel of over 90 scientists all over the globe currently lobbying against 5G and its as yet un tested and unmonitored side effects, I am inclined to resist having any attempt of a Smart meter being imposed upon me or elderly relatives by the various energy suppliers.

In USA, Sweden and other countries, public protests have taken place on the streets by the hundreds about the inception and imposition of 5G technology (see You Tube) with many believing they have evidence linking it to around 70 different medical side effects from nausea and nosebleeds to miscarriage and death. In USA many American citizens are lobbying their Senators for instant removal of 5G Radiation masts. These are not weird factions, conspiracy theorists, breakaway terrorist groups, just ordinary domestic householders.

The American Campaign is spearheaded by a documentary Film “Generation Zapped” where experts expose the dangers of Smart Meters and 5G. This film is available on Amazon on DVD though it is still around £20 to buy, though the trailer is available on You Tube for free.

Many articles to read about 5G/Smart Meters exposing and highlighting its downfalls and dangers.

What do others think ?

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I will not be having a smart metre in my home. I object strongly to anything to do with them. If the time ever comes, (which I doubt will actually happen) when I am told I have to have one, there will have to be a court order even to enter my property. And then I will insist that it is put well away at the back of a cupboard where I won’t see it.

My objections are

  1. there is no guarantee that they do not cause health issues through radiation or anything else.
  2. it seems like big brother watching over what’s being used and that is too intrusive for my liking
  3. what’s to stop a rogue employee noticing reduced usage when the occupier is away from home. That is a security risk in my eyes
  4. what’s to stop the energy company increasing the tariff rate at the times of most usage.

It’s a definite NO from me.

I have worked in the gas industry for a very long time and i will not be having a Smart meter.
They use a battery to operate them which, when they fail will stop the gas supply… not what you want in the winter months :astonished:
So, combined with the other issues that is another reason to avoid rather than be without gas.

That’s concerning. I had a smart meters simply because mine were so difficult to get to even though I can read them. My Grandson used to do that, willingly, I felt so dependant. Fingers crossed all remains ok. It has been so far.

I didn’t realise that either David… How crazy.

I don’t have them though.


The electric Smart meter has its own power but the gas one does not… i can understand the need to have it read remotely when access is difficult and i only encountered problems when they were installed outside and prone to the elements.
The battery should be changed periodically so it would be worth asking the energy company when it is due to be changed.
Fingers crossed you don’t have any issues :slight_smile:

Try and avoid them Melly, they can be troublesome to some people, especially the gas one as i experienced when i was working.