Self harm and autistic adults


Does anyone else have trouble with self harm? I have started biting myself REALLY hard, like, hard enough to leave bruises and occasionally break skin. I don’t know when it’s happening and usually “come to” either in the middle or immediately afterwards. Sometimes I won’t realize that I’ve done it at all and my friends and family will point it out to me later. I don’t know what to do about it and know that it’s a bad thing. Is this an autistic thing, or should I look elsewhere for reasons? It usually happens when I’m upset I think.


there is information here Self-harm


Most of my self harm has been in meltdowns, or near meltdown situations. At times like that I don’t really have the best control. Sometimes I’m just too panicked and desperate for some relief or an escape from being overwhelmed.

It’s not a good thing to do. I try hard not to hurt myself even during meltdowns. But don’t beat yourself up over it, that can easily become a different sort of self echatspin harm.

The biting may be your way of responding to strong, emotional experiences.
You appear to lose consciousness, rather than biting yourself voluntarily.
There may be an underlying physical reason so it’s worth making an appointment to see your local doctor or practice nurse for some medical advice.
The biting occurs when you are upset, which indicates that even though it could be a medical issue - the biting episode occurs when you experience emotional trauma.
People self-harm to console themselves when experiencing either present, or past trauma. A cry for help that often goes unheard.
Yet it seems your biting experience occurs when you are unaware of it happening.
Stress may contribute, which explains why you enter this state when under emotional pressure.
Positively deal with the stressors in your life, and you’ll hopefully be able to control the biting.
Counselling will help you identify the issues which stimulate the biting.
Self-help books and other learning materials can help deal with anxiety, stress or depression as these are the likely causes for you biting yourself.
Identifying when you are stressed - and learn how to manage it - will enable you to take control of the biting.