Scottish carers supplement

I have read that you receive a letter first that a payment of Scottish carers supplement will be paid into your bank account, in December as I can remember I didn’t receive one for the September payment but I received a payment into my bank.
Do I have to apply or phone for the payment due in December.


Hi Sandy … welcome to the canteen.

A previous thread contains all the information known by us :

Supposedly , going by their own rubbish on their own site , if you did not get a letter then you are not entitled to the supplement. and to have qualified you must have had a carers payment on the given decided date …
CAS was giving out this information that stated you MUST have been paid carers allowance on the qualifying date to qualify … which confused a lot of people

this is taken from CAS web site :—
A further payment will be made from December, covering the six months from 1 October. The qualifying date for the second payment is Monday 15 October 2018.

But i was reading something recently that thousands of carers received there first payment 2 months late , as some had been sent letters from local credit unions about the payment .

some credit unions were paying out the supplement but delays had occurred because the credit unions were being paid the money in a single payment before then paying out to individuals , but problems occurred because credit unions were unable to know who required the money