Schizophrenia Carers

Looking to make contact please with a Carer of someone suffering with Schizophrenia. Thank you.

Hi Mike and welcome - My son was diagnosed with schizophrenia over 20 years ago. When he was younger he went through endless rounds of arrests, hospitalisation and sectioning. He’s now on depot injections of a low dose antipsychotic. He seems to be less volatile and more amenable than he used to.

Are you caring for someone?

Hi Mike, welcome to the forim. I care for my trans daughter who has suffered from schizo affective disorder for many years. It has been an awful roller coaster of extreme issues from self harm, suicide attempts, self harm, living ont he street, spells in prison and over 30 Sections. She is now living with me and just spent two weeks in her bed following a recent attempt on her life. Even though it has been awful there is some light at the end of the tunnel as we are working on her being independent with limited engagement with the community mental health teams. I am her main carer and advocate.

What is happening with you at the moment.