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I luckily found this forum after searching fruitlessly for help on the topic i need help with

What I’m trying to find out is the basic minimum standards in law a person is expected to keep as regards their care needs

My folks can no long cook for themselves, clean themselves, clean their home, go out of the house except visiting doctor or get nails done, and even that takes 6 months of cancelling and re-making appointments to attend.

They have money and don’t understand the expectation is they have to pay for care

I don’t think they have capacity to make wise decisions about their care needs

They need carers every day but are skinning it with 3 x 1/2 hr per week for my mother

My Dad is almost blind, and my mum has memory problems

I can’t find the links to care standards that are acceptable, because i know they are failing them
and decisions about care homes are not far away .
we have has umpteen care assessments and social workers, my folks say everything is fine, but it isn’t
now they are housebound, and neglect the basic things a human being needs to function
To wash themselves, get dressed , make a meal

I don’t know what to do anymore, i could and do spend hours there per week, and feel every time
I’m just scratching the tip of the iceberg …

I worry that a good social worker if they saw how they really live day to day would raise multiple red flags
and get a court order to have them put in nursing homes, the way they live is degrading for human beings

Under the 1948 National Assistance Act I think people can be removed from their homes. I read this by chance a couple of weeks ago. Sorry, no time this morning to find the book - I have an appointment with a tin of gloss paint!

Do they realise that this is even a possibility? My mum was adamant that she didn’t want any help, until reality struck and she realised that it was either have people in or go into a home. Having someone it was then accepted.

Can I ask if you think your carees are now mentally frail?

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Try telling them the reality. Will that help or not? If they do not want paid for carers, they can live in a good care home.

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The BIBLE on " Social care … how defined and administered " … the Government’s own web site :


Statutory guidance

Care and support statutory guidance

Updated 26 October 2018

Literally , everything you need to know from a technical viewpoint.

Is that REALLY what you need to know ???


What I’m trying to find out is the basic minimum standards in law a person is expected to keep as regards their care needs.

( Therein will lie a conundrum in perspectives … especially from a SW representing an LA ? A valid question … whose responsible ??? )

HOME CARE SERVICES … what’s available , and who provides them :

NEEDS and CARER ASSESSMENTS … the usual pathway through your LA :

Getting a social care needs assessment - NHS

Carer's Assessment - Advice and help for Carers | Age UK
( RISK assessment … tack that on with the NEEDS assessment … should be automatic ! )

AGE UK … the acknowledged experts for senior citizens … a web site full of information across the whole spectrum :

Well worth exploring… as would be making contact for a full m.o.t. … including power of attorneys and wills.

When it comes to care homes , their knowledge is unsurpassed.

Sorry, I missed the bit where you said mum had “memory problems”. Can I ask if she has a formal diagnosis of dementia?

If so, is she receiving Attendance Allowance, and claiming exemption from Council Tax on the grounds of “severe mental impairment”. I hate that term, but it’s the official one. If not, be sure to claim this, it can be backdated to the date of diagnosis.

Ufortunately, whatever you say is probably going “in one ear and out the other” as it becomes increasingly difficult for a dementia suffering to absorb and understand what someone is saying to them. Is anyone other than you involved, the District Nurse perhaps? when did they last see their GP?

It’s a terribly difficult situation, inevitably something will happen at some point which will be a life changing moment. I liken it to being sat on a smoking volcano. Do you have Power of Attorney? If not, as dad is nearly blind and mum has dementia, who is managing their money?

Who is managing their money?

When you say she has memory issues, please explain further. Does she have dementia? What about power of attorney? It is possible to set this up, ask a solicitor for advice on how to do this. Also see if you can request a care needs assessment too. Best wishes! Please tell us more about your parents.

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