Restless leg syndrome after hip replacement

Hi all my mum had a total hip replacement on Friday and yesterday started with restless leg syndrome ( never had it before this bad ). Not slept since surgery and can sit for 5 minutes or less then walking walking walking. I am worried she is going to fall or pass out to be honest. Morphine sulphate liquid prescribed but could do with any advice or ideas. I feel like it’s going to be a long recovery…


What do the doctors recommend? Speak to them tomorrow and ask for suggestions. I think that you also need to insist on a referral to a physical therapist. Either privately in the community or provided at the hospital. There are fall prevention classes for elderly folk too, look online.

My wife suffered with restless legs for quite a while when she could still walk, (it’s actually gone now that she can no longer move/use her legs).

There are many remedies that can work, they don’t all work on everyone and some sound quite bizarre - a bar of “Ivory soap” placed under your pillow springs to mind as one, but many say it works.

The two things that my wife found most effective were Magnesium oil rubbed into the legs, (I used to buy the Magnesium flakes from eBay and make the oil up myself). The other thing was Ginger tea, that was very effective, but only for the first couple of weeks that she drank it, after that it seemed to be less effective.

Hi Emma,
I’m assuming she is in hospital?

For the first fortnight or so following the operation (I have had two hips done,) most people experience pain getting out of chair/ on and off the bed etc. Physios get the person out of bed and walking and most people do short walks. The morphine is probably masking her pain and enabling her to do so much walking, once she is off the morphine, pain should limit desire to move so much. As long as she is using her frame/crutches, walking won’t do her any harm, although preventing falls is a priority. Has she been taught how to turn and change direction properly? Make sure once she goes home that she has plenty of space to manoeuvre and remove any potential tripping hazards.


No she has been sent home tonight and while I can see that yes she can walk etc I just find it annoying that as soon as one problem is ’ fixed’ another two appear. I will try the soap because it can’t hurt and to be honest I read about the magnesium thing and as I take zma tablets anyway I gave her one. Fingers crossed.

Emma, how old is mum? Did the hospital arrange 6 weeks post ok free care?


I’m very shocked they have sent her home already! How old is she? I agree with BB she is entitled to have 6 weeks rehab and post-discharge care.


Hi there
I’m looking after my mother who had a hip replacement on 2nd December. She has RLS for the first time ever a couple of days ago followed by a fainting episode. Thankfully the paramedics confirmed that nothing was out of joint afterwards. Now on Oramorphone. Unfortunately the symptoms have returned 1am. Father in other room with mid term dementia so looking after both.
Would like to find some answers on how to deal with the RSL