Refused Catheterization

My 99yr old grandad is mainly incontient and often cannot relieve himself of urine when he does feel the need to go.
He wakes up 5+ times a night needing to either pee or have his contenance pants changed.
I am exhausted from lack of sleep due to this peeing all night. It’s roughly every hour to hour and a half.
I have asked both my gp surgery and adult social care and the Incontinence people if they would catheterise him and have been refused incase of a UTI.

Has anyone else been successful in getting their caree a catheter, and if so how did you go about it?

Hi Caroline,

in our area we have an continence team. They are very knowledgeable and are able to offer a range of services and solutions to incontinence issues in people of all ages, including catheterisation, but also medication, advice on how to reduce frequency of urination etc. Might be worth an internet search to see if there is such a team in your area and information on how to get your Grandad referred.