Promedica24 (Sussex) home care provider

My Dad is 93 with mild dementia and some physical disabilities. In August 2018, Promedica24 (Sussex) was engaged to provide 24 hour care for him at home. This was a mistake and Promedica24 has since been sacked.

Following the guidance of the CQC, I made a formal complaint to Promedica24 about the quality of care provided by them, which covered a wide range of areas of concern. Promedica24 rejected this absolutely and threatened me with the law if I “spread slanderous or malicious gossip which may damage the reputation of Promedica24 either in the UK or in Germany” (email to me from Promedica dated 3rd of April 2019). Emails from me requesting the evidence upon which they base their rejection of my complaint—specifically the day books compiled by their carers, but also statements submitted to them by their UK managers—have so far been ignored. Given UK libel law, which requires the defendant in any libel case to prove that he or she has not committed libel, this leaves me with no way to air my specific concerns about this company.
I would like to know if anyone has had a similarly negative experience of this company, which was recommeded to me by a consultant at St Richard’s Hospital, Chichester, and has a generally good online profile. Personally, I deeply regret that my Dad ever became involved with them and would advise anyone looking for 24 hour care and who cares to look elsewhere.

I should note that I do fully understand the exigencies of providing such care. We did not ask for perfection but we did expect… but I cannot say without risking being sued. Would you hire such a company to look after your parent(s)?

Hi Mike.

Promedica24 ( Sussex ) Limited ?

Company details … accounts / directors / charges etc. :

PROMEDICA24 UK LIMITED overview - Find and update company information - GOV.UK

Not much about … 12 results on the CQC site … many to fellow subsidiaries / sister franchises ?

In essence , they are a franchise operation … each operation owned by a different manager … in line with other franchises ,
one would expect to see a difference in the quality of product / service received.

Franchise Direct: Promedica24 - News

Yet again , a private operator in this field … who would not be in it if monies were not to be made ???

Of course they’ve got a good online profile if they threaten anyone who says anything negative about them. This is a common tactic organisations use to fix their ratings. You are right to be wary of UK libel laws. I hope you have copied this to CQC as they have a responsibility to monitor these organisations and recently they have started collecting feedback individually to guide them as to which organisations they need to investigate more thoroughly or more quickly. Unfortunately too much of what they do focusses on paperwork rather than what actually happens on the ground.

If you are unhappy with their handling of your complaint you can take a case to the Ombudsman for Adult care.