hello everyone ,my 86 year old mum ,who had mixed dementia has passed away.i am now on the probate journey.dont know whether to try to do it ourselves or get a solicitor involved.any idea what that would cost?jane .

Hi Jane.

Recent thread will assist here … covering the new charges :

Hi Jane
It’s really a personal choice depending on your time, ability, knowledge, the value and or complexity of the estate, and cost. Also whether you’d find it stressful or emotional, or whether you’d be frustrated by slowness (aka thoroughness) of solicitor.

Most local solicitors would give you an idea of their costs upfront

No easy answer, very personal choice

This may help


When my husband died, I did all the preparatory work, gathering papers etc., but I let the family solicitor do the final formal stuff, as I knew it would be upsetting.

At the time I was newly disabled trying to run a business, care for my son with learning difficulties, and my elderly disabled mum. I also knew that my husband had substantial life insurance policies.

Before you make a decision whether to DIY, or use a solicitor, find out the costs involved.
It also depends on whether mum’s estate was very simple, or complicated.
If the estate is below a certain amount, I think there are simpler rules.
When my own mum died in a nursing home, we had already sold her house to pay for care, and as we had a joint bank account, there was no need for probate.

You have to weigh up how stressed and tired you feel already, how much work is involved; against how much you need the money involved. It’s a very personal decision.

I think if you are contemplating doing it yourself then that is the way forward. Providing you are comfortable with “forms” it is a fairly straight forward process- providing there will be no family disagreements and the estate is not too complex.

Why give a chunk of the money to a solicitor ?

Hi Jane

Is there a will and are you named as executor? Or is the estate very straightforward? My mum died two years ago and I went through the whole process fairly easily. My brother and I were executors. but we decided it would be easier if I did it myself and we listed him as Power reserved. Trying to do it with more than one names executor really complicates the process. He and I were the only beneficiaries so it was fairly straightforward.

I found the government site very use-friendly: Applying for probate: What is probate - GOV.UK

The Inheritance Tax Helpline was also helpful.

I would be more hesitant if there are a number of beneficiaries who can cause problems. I would only use a solicitor in that sort of situation.


The family solicitors are handling probate for my Mother’s estate. I am just too sad, stressed and overwhelmed to do any of it.

Yes tend to agree with you I need my money every penny and my mother’s estate is below 500k and is simple.

thankl you